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Denver, CO’s Roofing Projects Specialists

Are you looking for a reliable roofing contractor that can meet your budget and timetable needs? Do you have a roofing project in Denver, CO that requires residential or commercial roofing expertise? Our team of experts at In-Ex Designs Roofing has years of experience installing new roofing and applying flat roof systems for countless businesses and home construction projects across the region. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we can give you an accurate estimate of our costs. We offer many roofing options to choose from for homes and businesses throughout Denver, CO, including roof replacement options. Whether you’re seeking repairs on your personal roof or in need of a replacement for your company warehouse, we can give you the roof you want at a fair price. From flat roof systems to asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, metal roofing, and everything in between, we’re your first and best choice for your next roofing project.

Why to Choose In-Ex Designs Roofing

Colorado has its fair share of sun, storms, and wintry weather, including hail that pounds at our rooftops like tiny hammers. You want the seasoned professionals at In-Ex Designs Roofing to handle your roof repairs for hail damage and weather wear. Our team of roofing technicians has ample knowledge and experience focused on roofs and the services needed to keep your structure in working condition. We’ve compiled a vast amount of knowledge on the diverse world of roofing, the damage a roof incurs, and the best practices to fix to replace them. All of our services also come at a fair price, so you get timely and thorough roof repairs and roof replacements with estimates with which you’re comfortable.

Residential Roofing

Homes throughout Denver, CO have depended on In-Ex Designs Roofing for years because of our comprehensive roofing options and in-depth knowledge of the materials, installation methods, and elements that affect your roof. Sun, rain, snow, ice, and hail damage in Denver, CO calls for roof repairs year-round. The benefit of calling roofing contractors like us is our specialized knowledge that accompanies our specific area of construction and home improvement. Our residential roofing options include repairs and re-shingling, new roof installations, and roof replacement options. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the finished roof, whether you choose shingles, tiles, shakes, or even a steel roof. Make sure your house stays a home by keeping it safe, dry, and comfortable for you and your family.

Commercial Roofing

For commercial roof repairs, replacements, and new installations, In-Ex Designs Roofing has the most options for your roof that you’ll find throughout the region. Our extensive list of services and materials for your business structure includes tile roofing, steel roofs, and applications for flat roof systems like Duralast, TPO, and Modified Bitumen. We also offer roof coating options at a reasonable price to ensure your business stays protected for the rain, snow, and hail. The professional expertise you find with In-Ex Designs Roofing comes from years of training and performing roof repairs and other services for commercial buildings throughout Denver, CO. After our free inspection, we give you your best roofing service options with a roof repair or roof replacement estimate for a quick and cost-efficient job.

Roofing Services

Residential and commercial clients throughout Denver, CO have the roofing services of In-Ex Designs Roofing at their disposal. We keep your home dry and protected with roof repairs and roof replacement. Whether the damage is from decades of use, the ravages of rain and sun, or the abuse of a brutal, hail-filled winter, you can trust us for thorough and cost-friendly performance on all of the following services:

  • Roof Repairs – When repairs are all you need for your roof, we inspect your roof and any damage to ensure we completely restore its look and integrity in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Roof Replacements – If your roof has hit its life expiration or damage has rendered it beyond repairs, we’ll replace your roof using a wide array of colors and styles of high-quality materials from which you can choose.

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